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Suffered a family tragedy?

How We Help

Roots for Youth is a charitable foundation established by the Ferragine family in 2018. It is a way for Bradford Greenhouses to grow deep relationships with the community by providing significant financial aid to youths who have suffered a serious family tragedy. The aim of the charity is to create bursaries that reduce the burden of post-secondary education costs so that teens and young adults in need can deepen their roots and grow to become productive members of the community.

The Ferragine Family will continue to host charity events that encourage the community to stay involved in helping recipients achieve their educational goals and aspirations.

Do your post-secondary dreams seem out of reach?

Bursary application parameters

Roots for Youth, a private charitable foundation was created to support young post-secondary students in the southern Ontario region who have had a family tragedy impair their household’s breadwinner from working full time.

The foundation will be providing one or more bursaries each year to qualifying students registered and attending post-secondary schooling full time. The bursary(s) will be decided each spring/summer and be paid out to assist with the fall and winter semesters.

The bursary is limited to assistance with funding full time student tuition. Funding may be provided for more than one year if the applicant re-enters the application process.

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Applicants for the bursary will have to be in compliance with the following four requirements:


Basic qualification criteria

(a) Student is registered in full-time studies at a post-secondary institution
(b) Student is a Canadian citizen and has resided in the southern Ontario region for at least a year.
(c) Is not in default of an OSAP loan or other grant.


Have experienced a family tragedy causing financial hardship

This is a broad category that could include death of a parent/care giver, illness or injury of a parent/caregiver, death or illness of a sibling, etc. The grant will consider any case where a tragic event has occurred and seriously impaired the family finances.


Meet the foundation’s qualifications on the need for financial assistance

(a) Family income less than $100,000, including attributable income.
(b) Proven decrease in resources from the tragic event outlined in point 2).


Academic qualifications

Original applicants will be required to show records of their GPA. The board will examine academic records and weigh these in the decision making process. The board will have discretion on what they deem to be qualifying academically.

Reduce the burden of post-secondary education costs.

Len Ferragine

Director, President

Jason Hemsworth

Director, Secretary

Dan McMahon, CPA, CA

Director, Treasurer

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